Welcome to the ENTWINED research programme

Environment and Trade in a World of Interdependence

The ENTWINED programme, that ran between 2007-2013 was funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, Mistra, which invests in research for sustainable development.

ENTWINED was initiated in January 2007 in response to a Mistra call for research on “policy alternatives for managing the trade and environment interface", which reflected the need to investigate how to better integrate environmental aspects into international trade negotiations in our increasingly entwined global economy. Mistra awarded funding for ENTWINED for a seven year period through to the end of 2013.

ENTWINED´s objective was “to provide scientific knowledge, and to provide tools to support Swedish and other European negotiators and stakeholders in integrating environmental aspects into the international trade regime".

At a more practical level, the objective was to on the one hand study issues at the intersection of international economics, environmental economics and trade law, and on the other hand to engage on issues with stakeholders who have a role to initiate change.