PUBLISHED 2011-09-08

Advancing Trade and Environment in the Absence of Negotiations

IISD has secured a slot in this year WTO Public Forum for a workshop on “Advancing Trade and Environment in the Absence of Negotiations", scheduled on 19-21 September 2011 at the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva.
The topic of this workshop relates closely to the research IISD is conducting under ENTWINED, in which it has examined the challenge of strengthening WTO accountability for advancing towards the sustainability goal formulated in its preamble. The project has looked at accountability mechanisms in the Multilateral Environmental Agreements and believes there are some lessons to be learned for the WTO. 

This panel will address the opportunity to advance key issues at the interface of trade and environment in the absence of a "round" of negotiations. It will suggest that the issue is not so much technical as institutional. It will look at existing vehicles for the exercise of mutual accountability between the trade and environment regimes, including the use of existing monitoring and surveillance mechanisms (e.g. the Trade Policy Review Body) and consider whether new mechanisms are needed.

Mark Halle, IISD (moderator), Robert Wolfe, Queens´ University, Canada, Katharina Kummer, Basel Convention Secretary General, Jorge Viñuales, IHEID and Amb. Mario Matus, Chilean ambassador to WTO.

The session will be held on Tuesday 20th September at the WTO, from 11.15 to 13.15. Learn more about the WTO Public Forum here.

Updated: 2011-10-31