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PUBLISHED 2012-08-20

ENTWINED and RFF host a workshop on “The Role of Border Measures in the Design of Unilateral Climate Policy"

On the 4th-5th of September RFF and the ENTWINED program invite interested parties to an open workshop in Washington DC. The workshop will feature a model comparison study assessing the efficiency and distributional impacts of border measures.
ENTWINED researchers Aaron Cosbey and Carolyn Fischer will participate in the workshop and the following key policy questions will be discussed:

-          How effective are border measures in reducing carbon leakage?
-          How big are the global cost savings from border measures compared to domestic emissions pricing without additional import tariffs and/or export subsidies?
-          What is the incidence of border measures across regions? Do they lead to a more "equitable" distribution of economic adjustment costs or do they shift the burden from richer industrialized countries to poorer developing countries?
-          Are border measures an effective tool for the protection of emissions-intensive and trade-exposed industries in unilaterally abating regions?

Please read the full program here.

Updated: 2012-08-20