Photo: Johan Bergendorff, Vetenskapsradion, SR
PUBLISHED 2011-10-25

ENTWINED in the Swedish Radio

ENTWINED's research about the environmental effects of organic certifications was summarized in an interview with ENTWINED's program director Mark Sanctuary on October 19th in the Swedish radio program, Klotet (the Globe). Listen to the interview and read the article here.
Organic certification improves coffee growers' environmental performance, according to a study of data covering hundreds of coffee growers in Columbia. A main conclusion in the study is that the consumer can be an influential actor in protecting the environment.
The study was presented at ENTWINED's Policy Seminar in Stockholm, on October 20th.
“The consumer of today has more freedom than ever to choose free from the constraints of politics. In fact, she is an actor in a globalised world characterised by the rapid flow of information and access to an enormous diversity of products from all around the world. This study provides convincing, and much needed, evidence that consumer choice can indeed impact the environment", says Mark Sanctuary, program director at ENTWINED and researcher at IVL.
Work on these issues is ongoing and the need for data that can help assess the impact of labelling initiatives is in high demand. COSA, Committee on Sustainability Assessment, which is being supported by, among others, IISD (International Institute for Sustainable  Development) and ENTWINED is currently working to collect data that can be used to conduct this type of assessment. The COSA database has grown since 2005 and now includes information on several thousands of coffee growers' in Kenya, Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua. More analysis using this data will be available in the near future.

The results from the conference will be presented in South Africa at the United Nations Climate change conference in Durban in December 2011.

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Updated: 2011-10-25