Photo: Per Westergård
PUBLISHED 2011-11-24

ENTWINED is hosting a seminar at The Durban Trade and Climate Change Symposium at

COP 17

ENTWINED, together with IISD, is hosting a session, based on research from IISD and the ENTWINED research network,  that will dissect some of the more contentious trade policies that have been proposed to address climate change, including border carbon adjustment, green subsidies and aviation levies, and will identify clear directions for progress.
The session, "Trade Policy as Response Measures: Searching for Progress" takes place at December 5th, at the Southern Sun North Beach Hotel - Room Tugela. Among other things this session will present a draft set of best practice guidance for the elaboration and implementation of border carbon adjustment — the product of a two year effort by a small international expert drafting group.

Aaron Cosbey, IISD, Mark Sanctuary, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Peter Wooders, IISD

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Updated: 2011-11-24