PUBLISHED 2010-10-18

Four new Issue Briefs on sustainable development challenges

Four new briefs on sustainable development issues facing our increasingly globalised world has been published by the ENTWINED research team. The Briefs cover issues related to border carbon adjustments, trade and biofuels, ecolabelling and transpararency in the WTO.
A new approach to transparency and accountability in the WTO, by Mark Halle and Robert Wolfe.
- How can the WTO improve its treatment of transparency obligations?
- What is a better way to allocate the burden of proof in environmental disputes before the WTO?
Border Carbon Adjustments from a Trade Policy Perspective, by Carolyn Fischer and Henrik Horn.
- What are the impacts of border carbon adjustments on trade and carbon emissions?

The Law and Economics of Trade in Biofuels, by Carolyn Fischer, Håkan Eggert and Petros Mavroidis.
- How do current policies in biofuels trade interact, complement or work at cross-purposes with the myriad of existing clean energy policies?

Sustainable Markets are Growing — Is Sustainability Keeping Pace? by Jason Potts and Mark Sancturay.
- What are the social, economic and environmental impacts of sustainability standards operating in the global market?

Updated: 2012-05-29