High Level Conference on Governmental Use of Voluntary Standards 16,17 October 2008, Geneva
Around the world, a growing number of governments use voluntary standards to deliver on their own public policy objectives. This two day high-level conference will be a space for governmental bodies and voluntary standards initiatives to discuss these practices, and start to identify how to work together more effectively.

Ten best practice case studies have been developed in collaboration with governmental and voluntary standards representatives.  Depicting a spectrum of institutional arrangements, these case studies set the framework for discussions. We had the opportunity to dialogue with governmental representatives from around the world, from countries as diverse as Rwanda, Israel, the United Kingdom and Bolivia who are engaging today with voluntary standards systems to deliver on their own public policy objectives.  We explore their motivations, the institutional arrangements between the public authority and voluntary standards system, as well as the impacts expected and delivered through this collaborative approach.

Keynote Speakers Include:

  • Dr. Kenneth W. Abbott — Professor of Law and Global Studies, Arizona State University
  • Dr. Simon Zadek — Chief Executive AccountAbility and Senior Fellow Harvard Kennedy School of Government
  • Dr Kernaghan Webb — Associate Professor of Law and Business, Ryerson University, Canada

Presentations, the case studies and more information on the conference is available at the conference website - ISEAL/ENTWINED/TSPN, the case studies and other material are also available for download.

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