Photo: Maria Kardborn
PUBLISHED 2012-10-01

Not an empty seat at ENTWINED's WTO workshop

Every seat was taken when the ENTWINED program hosted a workshop at WTO's Public Forum in Geneva on September 26th. Managing Conflict in the WTO Without Formal Dispute drew about 100 people and the following discussion showed that this was a question of great interest for many.
ENTWINED researchers Mark Halle, Petros Mavroidis and Robert Wolfe, together with  Erik Wijkström from the WTO Secretariat and Ahmed Irfan Aslam from the Permanent Delegation of Pakistan, spoke on the subject of transparency and surveillance as forms of conflict management in international trade. 

Focusing on technical and sanitary regulations, the panel examined how certain transparency measures work at the committee level in the broader context of WTO dispute settlement and negotiations.

Updated: 2012-10-03