PUBLISHED 2012-08-20

WTO Public Forum Session Geneva: Managing conflict without litigation

Multilateralism may be in crisis, but some of the core elements of the WTO still work remarkably well. It is often said that the WTO is either legislating in new negotiations or adjudicating in the formal dispute settlement system. However, this understanding obscures much of how the WTO affects the day-to-day reality of the trading system.  
Conflict without litigation - Managing Conflict in the WTO Without Formal Disputes: Enhancing the Use of Notifications and Specific Trade Concerns

In this panel, we ask whether the WTO tools for managing conflict and reviewing the interpretation of the rules can be made more effective for both large and small members and for economic actors, and how more transparency might allow civil society to help. Panellists will discuss the circumstances under which members do or do not meet their notification obligations; and when they use discussion in a committee, including in a “Specific Trade Concern", as opposed to dispute settlement to address a potential or actual conflict or legal ambiguity


Updated: 2012-08-27