A Guide for the Concerned: Guidance on the elaboration and implementation of border carbon adjustment


We began developing this guidance when, in 2009, the U.S. was actively considering including border carbon adjustment (BCA – fully defined below) as part of a package of climate legislation, and France was openly considering it as an option for the EU in the context of phase III of its Emissions Trading System.

As of this writing, neither of these developments seems imminent. However, we assume that BCA will endure as a proposed complement to domestic climate policies, and may eventually feature as part of some countries’ climate regimes. Indeed its appeal as policy option has grown for those countries that intend to move forward with domestic climate policy even in the absence of a comprehensive, internationally agreed set of targets and timetables when the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol has come to an end in 2013. As of this writing 34 countries have emissions pricing in place, or plans to implement it.

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Cosbey, Aaron
All authors:
Aaron Cosbey, Susanne Droege, Carolyn Fischer, Julia Reinaud, John Stephenson, Lutz Weischer and Peter Wooders
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Border Carbon Adjustments
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Updated: 2013-04-17