Has the G8 truly grasped accountability?

Last year's G20 summit in Toronto is still attracting attention, yet public concerns over billion-dollar-costs and police mishandling of protesters have overshadowed the central issue that Canada brought to the table: accountability. The Muskoka Accountability Report released at the G8 was a novel attempt to define exactly what being accountable in global governance means. It highlighted the importance of keeping track of a country's past commitments, reporting on the money spent, and measuring outcomes in the field.

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Wolfe, Robert
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Philippe Mineau, Robert Wolfe
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Published in Embassy, February 9, 2011 Link: http://www.embassynews.ca/opinion/2011/02/09/has-the-g8-truly-grasped-accountability/39871?absolute=1
Updated: 2013-03-14