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ENTWINED’s website is also available in RSS format. With RSS you can subscribe to brief news summaries, automatically delivered to you.
How can I use RSS?
With an RSS reader you can, for example, receive automatically-updated news headlines from ENTWINED´s website. Are you more skilled at programming? You can even import news headlines directly to your website.

How does it work?
Regardless of how you choose to use RSS streams, you will receive short versions of articles in the form of headlines and/or summaries sent to your website or web browser every time a new article is published on ENTWINED´s website. If you want to read more you can click your way to a full version of the article on the ENTWINED website. With the RSS reader you can also decide how often the programme should look for news updates and how they are presented on your screen.

What do I need to be able to receive RSS?
To be able to receive RSS streams you need a web browser that supports RSS, or to install a separate RSS reader. After you install the programme you can select the streams you want to subscribe to.

How may I use the RSS streams on ENTWINED´s website?
Unless otherwise approved, ENTWINED´s RSS streams are available strictly for personal — non-commercial — use. When you use our RSS streams, clearly indicate that ENTWINED is the source of the information. If you have questions about publishing our RSS streams please contact:

Mark Sanctuary, Programme Director, ENTWINED
Tel: +46  8 598 56 377

Use the following link to access ENTWINED´s news:
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Updated: 2010-04-14